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The Ceremony
I will arrive about 30 minutes prior to the start. At that time I will set up the ceremonial table and privately prepare the baby for the bris milah. A bathroom would be an ideal location. The preparations include a quick exam of the area and the isolation of the foreskin from the penis by a ring. Again, there may be slight discomfort but no pain involved.

When the guests have arrived I will introduce all the participants and their functions. I will explain the chair of Elijah and all other ceremonial objects and their purposes. The honored guests will light 6 candles.

The bris milah will then be done (it takes about 60 seconds). I will say the appropriate blessings and include you and any of your family you wish in the ceremony.

If there are special prayers or words you would like to include we can discuss them on my first visit.

Afterwards I will conduct the baby naming if you don't have your rabbi present.

Then I will lead the guests in the prayers over the wine and food.

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